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Dumpster Rental Auburn Hills MIDriveway Friendly Rubber Wheeled Dumpsters For Rent!

We here at Dumpster Express LLC are a family owned, locally based and operated dumpster rental company that serves the whole area of Auburn Hills MI. Not all dumpster rental companies are created equal! We know that it can be extremely aggravating and costly to not have your dumpster on site when you need it. While other dumpster rental companies will keep you waiting, Dumpster Express LLC won't. We will drop off a dumpster and pick it up in a timely manner for every customer in the Auburn Hills MI area. We always provide responsive, personal service and on time delivery and pick ups. This is our promise to you and all of our customers living in the Auburn Hills MI area!

We stand behind our services and won't let you down.

Some of the services we provide for our Auburn Hills MI customers:

  • Clean, well maintained waste dumpster containers and trucks
  • Fair and honest pricing (no surprises)
  • Personal service (if you get voicemail during business hours we will call you back within the hour)
  • Reliable dumpster drop off and pick up (keeping your job on schedule and on budget)
  • The kind of service and attention you would expect from a true business partner
  • Fully insured

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Rubber Wheeled Trailers For Rent in Auburn Hills MI!

We only handle driveway friendly, rubber wheeled trailers. These trailers come in 3 different sizes and won't damage your driveway. We can deliver these convenient rubber wheeled dumpsters to your home or jobsite in Auburn Hills MI. Click here to see our full line up of dumpsters and trailers for rent in Auburn Hills MI.

We take our business services very seriously here at Dumpster Express LLC. We value our customers in Auburn Hills MI and their time. Our dumpster services are second to none. So if you find yourself needing a dumpster in Auburn Hills MI please give us a call and let us serve you!



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Tips On Loading a Dumpster Properly

Certain loading procedures should be followed depending upon which type of dumpster rental you have. If you have rented a dumpster with a back door that opens (usually on our rubber wheeled trailers) then you would need to securely close the back door once the debris and trash gets to a certain level. Once the debris starts to add up you may not be able to close and secure the door without unloading some of the debris. So load up the dumpster until it starts to reach the back area then close the door and throw the remainder of the trash over the sides.

Do not overfill the dumpster. We will need to cover and secure the debris so that it won't fly out into the road once we start to haul away the dumpster. Also, it's a good idea to put light debris such as cardboard boxes, paper and other light objects in before heavier items. The heavier items will help hold down the lighter debris thereby helping to keep the load secure.

It's also a good idea if you can distribute the weight evenly during filling of the dumpster. Don't put all of the heavy waste on one side and all of the yard waste on the other as this will cause the dumpster haul away to ride unevenly. So distribute the weight the best you can. 

Ensuring the load is proper will help us to haul away the dumpster in a timely fashion and will save you money.

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